North Midlands courses

These are all also listed on p202 of the handbook. Click on the course code for a map and on the HQ for contact details.

Any suggestions for new courses should be forwarded, with as many details as possible, to the District Sec/Courses Sec well in advance of possible use. This should be during the previous year for an open event the following year, and at least 8 weeks for a club event. This will enable the District Committee to complete a full risk assessment.

Click on the course code to view a map of the course.

Course Type Course Description HQ
O10/1 Flat Hatfield Woodhouse - Blaxton - Hatfield Woodhouse Hatfield Woodhouse
O10/2 DC Ranby - Nornay - Ranby (A1) Ranby
O10/3 DC 5 Lanes Ends - Blyth South Bridge - 5 Lanes Ends (A1) Ranby
O10/5 Rolling Cuckney - Worksop - Cuckney Cuckney
O10/9 Rolling Hemsworth - North Elmsall - Ackworth Moor Top - Hemsworth (1 lap of O29k) Hemsworth
O10/15   5 Lane Ends - Dirtness Bridge - Tudworth Ranby
O10/16 Rolling A6192 Erin Road - Fan Road - Ireland Close - Hall Lane (Staveley bypass) Bolsover
O5/11C Rolling Foolow circuit (Sharrow club events only at present) Sign on the line
O8C Rolling Cuckney - Carburton - Norton circuit Warsop Parish Centre
O12C SpoCo Barlow - Fox Lane - A621 - Baslow - A621 - Owler Bar - Holmesfield Holmesfield Village Hall
O13C SpoCo North Wheatley – Saundby – Beckingham – Gringley – Clayworth – Hayton – Clarborough – North Wheatley  
O14C Rolling Cuckney - Worksop ti - A619 - Gapstick Lane - Creswell - Cuckney (Half Moon circuit) Cuckney
O17C SpoCo Stoney Middleton - Litton - Miller's Dale - Ashford - Hassop - Calver Calver
O21C SpoCo Fox Valley - Midhopestones - A628 - Millhouse Green - A616 - Stocksbridge Full Gas Bikes
O22/1 SpoCo Chesterfield - Baslow - Owler Bar - Baslow - Chesterfield **please note this is the same as the O19/1** Wadshelf
O29k Rolling Hemsworth - North Elmsall - Ackworth Moor Top - Hemsworth (2 laps) Hemsworth
O25C Bendy Balne Moor Road - Pollington - Snaith Road - Great Heck - Balne Moor Road circuit Whitley
O25/2 DC Blyth - Nornay - Markham Moor - Nornay - Blyth (A1) Styrrup
O25/3 DC Five Lane Ends - Markham Moor - Five Lane Ends - Blyth - Five Lane Ends (A1) Ranby
O25/4   tbc Tuxford
O25/11 Flat Hatfield Woodhouse - Crowle - Hatfield Woodhouse - Blaxton - Hatfield Woodhouse Hatfield Woodhouse
O25/13 Flat Hatfield Woodhouse - Belton - Crowle - Tudworth - Blaxton Hatfield Woodhouse
O25/15 Flat Sandtoft Road - Belton - Crowle - Tudworth - Sandtoft - Dirtness Bridge - Tudworth - Hatfield Woodhouse  Hatfield Woodhouse
OHC2 HC Brookhouse / Carr (600yds) Thurcroft
OHC3 HC Monsal Head (645 yards) Monsal Head
OHC5 HC Curbar (1796 yards) Curbar Lane
OHC8 HC Beeley Moor (2.31 miles) Tent at the top
OHC9 HC Pea Royd Lane Stocksbridge (860 yards) Full Gas Bikes
OHC9C HC Pea Royd Lane Stocksbridge (1200 yards) Full Gas Bikes
OHC10 HC Mam Nick (1.3 miles) Edale
OHC11 HC Hardwick (615m) Hardwick Inn
OHC12 HC Carr Lane, Palterton (1475m) Palterton
OHC14 HC High Bradfield High Bradfield
OHC15 HC Bradfield (800m) High Bradfield
OHC16 HC New Mill Bank (810 yards) Full Gas Bikes

Course Measurers

Please contact the appropriate people well in advance of your event as they get booked up months in advance.